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How Much Traffic do you Really Need?
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April Update – Zapier Integration [Video]

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April Update – Zapier Integration

Unlock the full potential of your meetings with Tactiq’s latest update featuring seamless Zapier integration! In this video, we’ll guide you through the exciting new capabilities of Tactiq, allowing you to automate your meeting management like never before. Learn how to easily connect Tactiq with Zapier to enhance your digital workflows and effortlessly integrate your meeting transcripts into apps like Notion and Slack.

Discover the convenience of setting up Tactiq to automatically push meeting details, transcripts, and summaries directly to your Notion database. We’ll show you how to access these transcripts quickly and how to use Tactiq’s powerful quick prompts to extract actionable items and comprehensive summaries immediately after your meetings.

Further enhance your team collaboration by automating the sharing of meeting insights through Slack, ensuring that every team member stays informed, even if they couldn’t attend the meeting. Don’t miss out on mastering these new features to streamline your meeting processes and boost your team’s productivity.

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0:00 – Introducing Tactiq’s New Zapier Integration
0:18 – Setting Up Tactiq with Zapier
0:42 – Automating Meeting Transcripts to Notion
1:25 – Accessing Meeting Transcripts and Quick Prompts
1:42 – Enhancing Team Collaboration with Automated Summaries

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