How to Market to Expensive Keywords
How to Market to Expensive Keywords
12 Steps to Create Videos

Branalyzer Review: Actual demo on a real company! [Video]

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Branalyzer Review: Actual demo on a real company!

Branalyzer Review: How to SPY on your competition!
How To Spy on KPIs and AOV of your competitors

You NEED to see this. Totally sick!

Get Branalyzer here:

In this video, I show you how to easily research the competition.

How to find an uncover their backlinks, SEO strategy and even KPIs using this amazing research tool for small entrepreneurs and agencies.

Plus, I share a lucrative new business model that you can start today using Branalyzer.

I give a detailed overview and demo of Branalyzer, a tool for conducting in-depth research on competitors, including features like backlink analysis, KPI tracking, social media activity, global traffic, keyword analysis, and more.

Brananylzer is essentially a low-cost alternative to Ahrefs and SEMRush, offering unique functionalities like phone number retrieval for outreach, analysis of brand competitors, top brand pages, and evaluation of a brand’s social media optimization.

I demonstrate how to use Branalyzer to analyze a company, PayHip, showcasing how the tool provides insights into employee numbers, social media engagement, business information, and estimated traffic.

Check out PayHip here:

Additionally, the video highlights how Branalyzer can be beneficial for software entrepreneurs, business researchers, and those offering data-driven services, emphasizing its capabilities in gathering actionable data for strategic planning and its potential for high value in service offerings.

00:00 Introduction to Branalyzer
00:13 Exploring Gumroad with Branalyzer
00:56 Branalyzer Features Overview
01:44 Using Branalyzer to Analyze a Brand
02:57 Understanding Branalyzer’s Data Analysis
05:07 Potential Uses of Branalyzer
06:00 Branalyzer Pricing and Reviews
07:04 Final Thoughts and Conclusion

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