3 Steps to Building a Targeted Audience
3 Steps to Building a Targeted Audience
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Building a Martech SaaS [Video]

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Building a Martech SaaS

Jenny Wolfram is the CEO and Founder of Brand Bastion, a MarTech SaaS business that works with prestigious clients like Uber, Netflix, and North Face.

Jenny shares her journey from studying law in Finland to moving to LA two years ago and starting her successful business. She also talks about the challenges and strategies of building a SaaS business without a technical background, the evolution of the product offering of her company, and the unconventional route they took in fundraising. We also discuss the balance between learning and leading.


00:00 Introduction to the Interview with Jenny Wolfram
01:01 Jenny’s Journey: From Law to Tech Entrepreneurship
01:55 Building a SaaS Business without a Technical Background
04:10 The Evolution of Brand Bastion’s Product Offering
05:43 Fundraising vs Bootstrapping: Brand Bastion’s Approach
07:12 Navigating the Competitive Landscape in Social Media Management
09:13 Future Plans and Challenges for Brand Bastion
11:12 Jenny’s Move from Finland to LA and Building a Global Team
20:42 The Importance of Continuous Learning and Networking for Entrepreneurs
27:25 Advice for SaaS Founders: Knowing When to Hold, Fold, Walk Away, and Run
28:34 Conclusion and Contact Information


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