3 Steps to Building a Targeted Audience
3 Steps to Building a Targeted Audience
5 Steps to Creating Successful Ads

Crush Your Conversion Rate Optimization with These 20 Tips [Video]

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Crush Your Conversion Rate Optimization with These 20 Tips

Struggling to convert customers?

Then this is the episode you’ve been waiting for.

Nik and Moiz open up their game-winning playbook to reveal their top 20 secrets for optimizing your conversion rates.

Learn how to improve your website’s performance through their time-tested tactics that skyrocketed Native Deodorant and Sharma Brands to the top of the DTC game. Learn how to elevate your e-commerce brand through the power of social proof, high-functioning UX design, a smooth checkout process, and the authority of great copy, as Mr. Sharma himself dispenses 20 of his elite entrepreneurial tricks.

Plus Nik and Moiz discuss the the factors that can make or break a celebrity brand. Why do some influencer brands (*cough* Rare Beauty *cough*) have staying power while others fall? The devil, it seems, is in the distribution details…

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00:00:01 – 20 CRO Tips for Success
00:01:47 – JVN Sells for $1.25 Million
00:02:47 – Celebrity Partnership Pros and Cons
00:11:48 – Optimize Paid Social Traffic for Mobile
00:14:37 – Analyze User Behavior with Heatmaps
00:21:21 – Incorporate Social Proof Throughout Your Website
00:24:54 – Highlight Risk Reversals on Checkout Pages
00:30:12 – Using Large, Bright Imagery Draws Attention
00:32:00 – Make Discounts Visible for Better Conversions
00:35:06 – Declutter Your Site for Success
00:42:34 – Using Comparison Charts for Effective Marketing
00:44:59 – Properly Test and Measure Everything
00:47:06 – Creating Unique Social Proof Strategies
00:50:39 – Testing Coupon Codes for Better Conversions
00:51:25 – Consistent Messaging: Key to Success

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