3 Steps to Building a Targeted Audience
3 Steps to Building a Targeted Audience
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Demo – Salesforce Contact Center (Español) [Video]

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Demo – Salesforce Contact Center (Español)

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Salesforce Contact Center Demo

Service Cloud empowers you to transform your contact center into an efficient customer engagement center with real-time data, AI and automation. Let’s see how.
First, reduce case volume by providing customers with self-service options to quickly resolve common issues with FAQ’s and guided processes for any industry.
And when customers have a question, they can seamlessly connect with you across any channel, wether that’s voice, messaging, web or in-app chat.
Automate conversations with intelligent chat bots that can scale your team by answering questions, executing processes, providing personalised conversations with rich content, or handing customers off to your agents for higher touch issues that are pushed centrally to the right agent from any channel. And with customer 360, your team has the same complete view across departments with integrated and real-time data on any channel, so they can pick up the conversation where the last one left off. Next, use built in AI to serve out proactive recommendations for the right article or Next Best Action based on the context of the conversation to help your agents solve issues faster and reduce your cost to serve.
Then, empower your supervisors to help their team succeed with a bird’s eye view across channels and conversations in your contact center. And, finally, with pre-integrated channels, out of the box templates, and point and click builders, you can make your contact center more efficient now instead of years from now.
Scale service your customers love with service cloud.

Get started today with Salesforce Contact Center.

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