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How To Kickstart Your Career As UI/UX Designer Responsive Landing Page Episode 36 [Video]

Landing Pages and Sales Conversion

How To Kickstart Your Career As UI/UX Designer Responsive Landing Page Episode 36

Kickstart your UI/UX Design Career course published by DesignCourse Academy. Our interactive UI/UX course will help you design better and earn more.

A comprehensive approach to UI design; Learn by watching Gary Simon on video. Interactive user interface tests are a fun way to learn the basics. Get real feedback and guidance on your submitted designs.

interactive user interface tests; Our interactive UI testing platform is a fun way to help develop an eye for design.

design instructor; When you sign up for Design Mentor, your work will be reviewed – giving you valuable feedback to improve as a designer.

Step 1: Watch the challenge video (Each challenge starts with a video that describes the design goal.)

Step 2: Download the Figma file (All challenges are set as templates with instructions in a Figma file.)

Step 3: Design and Submit (After completing the design challenge, you submit your Figma prototype using the challenge form.)

Step 4: Receive a mentor review (If you are a mentor participant, you will receive a notification email with a link to access your feedback. Reviews include ratings, comment(s) and feedback if the submission needs significant improvements. are possible iterations of the design.)

The DesignCourse curriculum roadmap is designed to provide aspiring designers with the foundation needed to produce beautiful user interfaces.

What you will learn in the Kickstart your UI/UX Design Career course:
the basics
Component design
Layout design
Desktop design
Mobile design
UI design fundamentals
White Space
Visual Hierarchy
Component Design
Price Charts
Order Forms
Hero Sections
General Topics
Defining layouts with shapes
Photography in UI Design
Illustrations in UI Design
Dark / Light Mode Design
Creating Prototypes
UI Animation
Design Systems
Responsive Design
Component Challenges
Full Layout Challenges
+ 8 Other Challenges
Figma 2023 Updates
New Prototyping Features
New Wrap Feature
New Dev Mode
Live UI/UX Workshops
Engage with Gary Simon during bi-weekly Live UI/UX Workshops.

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