5 Steps to Building an Audience with #Hashtags
5 Steps to Building an Audience with #Hashtags
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How to Take Control When You Know You Need a Career Change (Tim Peakman) [Video]

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How to Take Control When You Know You Need a Career Change (Tim Peakman)

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Tim Peakman’s background of 16 years in the British Military and his love of sports has provided him with the fundamentals of leadership, training, and strategic planning, which he now infuses into his personal brand. Tim uses what he calls his 5-step stupid simple plan to help experts take their business online and live the life they want.

In this episode he shares a defining moment when he knew it was time to leave the military to pursue his entrepreneurial journey. Unlike many of my guests, Tim made a plan, using that 5-step stupid simple method, to gradually transition rather than going cold turkey, which he says was much less stressful and more deliberate.

Tim’s main focus is providing the technical strategy for solopreneurs to convert their followers into customers and create a ‘laptop lifestyle’, being able to do business anywhere in the world. Tim is, himself, a serial entrepreneur, having generated over 7 figures online and built 3 online businesses across multiple marketplaces. Tim’s preferred course platform is Kajabi, and he has experience freelancing with everything from physical products, digital courses, memberships, coaching, launching programs using webinars, email marketing, and live events – affording him the opportunity to advise across multiple business models.

All this allows him to help online business owners with everything from the higher level business strategy to the day to day implementation. Tim says the hardest part in running a business is starting and starting over. The longer you can stay in and gather momentum, the easier it gets. He has graciously given access to his workshop – What I would do if I were to lose everything overnight.

Get Tim’s Free Workshop: https://www.timpeakman.com/workshop

Contact Tim Directly:
Website: https://www.timpeakman.com/

Social Media Handles:
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@timpeakman/

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