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3 Steps to Building a Targeted Audience
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KeapTutorial | How To Properly Set Up Users And Their Roles [Video]

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KeapTutorial | How To Properly Set Up Users And Their Roles

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In this comprehensive Keap Tutorial, we guide you through the essential steps of setting up users and their roles within the Keap CRM platform. Whether you’re a new business owner looking to streamline your customer relationship management, or an existing Infusionsoft user aiming to optimize your team’s workflow, this video is tailored for you.

Starting with the basics, we introduce the fundamental concept of creating a user account in Keap, showcasing a step-by-step process that ensures you get off on the right foot. Understanding user roles within Infusionsoft is crucial for maintaining the integrity and security of your CRM data. Therefore, we meticulously cover each role, explaining their permissions and the best practices for assigning these roles to your team members.

Throughout this tutorial, we leverage Keap Tutorial, Infusionsoft, User Roles, and creating a user account in Keap as our guiding principles, ensuring that you gain not just the how-tos but also the why-dos of setting up users and roles correctly.

By the end of this video, you will be equipped with the knowledge to:

1. Efficiently create user accounts in Keap, tailoring them to fit the unique needs of your business.

2. Assign roles and permissions to your team members in a way that promotes productivity while safeguarding your data.

3. Navigate the Infusionsoft interface with ease, making the most out of its robust features for your business.

Whether you’re looking to refine your existing CRM strategy or start fresh with Infusionsoft, this tutorial covers all the bases, providing you with the tools to enhance your team’s collaboration and efficiency.

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Remember, mastering Infusionsoft starts with a solid foundation, and this tutorial is your first step toward CRM success. Subscribe to our channel for more insightful tutorials and tips, and make sure to join our Keap Private Classroom for an in-depth exploration of all that Infusionsoft has to offer.

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