The Implications of AI in Digital Marketing
The Implications of AI in Digital Marketing
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Paul Minors – Tools And Strategies To Be Ultra Productive Every Day [Video]

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Paul Minors – Tools And Strategies To Be Ultra Productive Every Day

Paul Minors is so passionate about productivity, and manages his time so efficiently, he is able to sell products online, consult, does book reviews, blogs, creates youtube videos and also has a podcast ( , all this as a solopreneur and without the help of a VA. 

Couldn’t we all be a little more productive? As someone who makes a living helping others to accomplish this feat, listen in as Paul discusses tips and tricks on how to stay most productive, how he is able to maintain the elusive “inbox zero” and well as how he blocks out his days and weeks in such a way that he actually finds little extra segments of time to do whatever he wants.

Paul also has some really insightful ideas on how to manage incoming emails and receipts using a combination of tools and apps for yearlong organization. You’ll find out he reviews his workload on a Friday to set him up for success the following week as well as his thoughts on a theme for the day.

After you listen to all the time saving information, you’ll be sure to have extra time on your hands to check out our other productivity episodes with David Allen ( and Henry Evans ( .

“The perfect system is the one you design for yourself and actually follow.” – Paul Minors

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

• Tools for increased productivity

• How to time block your days

• Batching set ups

• Interesting ways to leverage podcasts

• A useful tool to help write emails quicker and with less typos

• Paul’s automation technique for tracking invoices

• How to automate the day to day stuff we all take for granted

• Paul’s process on how to achieve inbox zero

• What the 4 D’s are and how to apply them to your inbound emails

• And much, much more!

Contact : (

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