3 Steps to Building a Targeted Audience
3 Steps to Building a Targeted Audience
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Unlocking the Power of Zoom Meetings Generate Hot Profile Leads [Video]

Landing Pages and Sales Conversion

Unlocking the Power of Zoom Meetings Generate Hot Profile Leads #zoommeeting #zoom

Now this is really what we really from a holistic point of view I want to set the stage that why we need to promote everyone business strategically Your customer your partners just like what Salesforce AppExchange has done for all their partners and customer Most of the partners actually all of them don’t pay a dime for online leads and traffic And that’s exactly why that we need to do the same thing And our platform has all the key components that make it happen Now let’s talk about Zoom meeting That’s the whole purpose of this webinar right Well I’m sure all of you are doing Zoom meeting every single day every single week In fact the big question is how many of you are actually converting your Zoom meeting into hot profile leads That’s really the big question right And then we’re going to go over how we can suggest everyone can do the same to make that happen Now just a background some statistics

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