3 Steps to Building a Targeted Audience
3 Steps to Building a Targeted Audience
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Sales and Marketing Automation – Clate Mask 7-8 Figure Special Series [Keap CEO Interview ] [Video]

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Sales and Marketing Automation – Clate Mask 7-8 Figure Special Series [Keap CEO Interview ]

Want to find out how to automate not only your marketing but, your sales too? Wondering who created the term marketing automation and how it all started?

In this episode of 7-8 Figure Special Series I interviewed Clate Mask. Clate is the CEO and Co-Founder of Keap, the leading all-in-one sales and marketing software built for small businesses. Keap serves consultants, marketing agencies, coaches, startups and countless other growth-focused small businesses that are striving to unlock their potential through the power of sales and marketing automation.

Dive into the customer lifecycle, uncover the power of personalization, and learn how to automate for profit and freedom. Say goodbye to chaos and hello to efficiency with insights from the man who named marketing automation itself. Don’t let your business miss out on these game-changing strategies. Tune in now and take the first step towards seamless growth!

Learn how to to automate your marketing & sales. Check this out!

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(00:00) When we introduced marketing automation for small businesses, it was really new
(00:50) Welcome to the Business Ownership Podcast hosted by Michelle Nedelec
(01:39) How did you get into automation as your thing?
(02:33) Who’s your ideal client? Or who comes to you most often
(03:20) Talk to me about automation in small businesses
(06:58) One of the biggest questions entrepreneurs and small businesses face is automation
(09:20) One place where we see automation in almost every client customer we work with
(17:22) Keap’s most common customers are service businesses with high ticket items
(19:04) When talking to small business owners, what are some stumbling blocks they face
(23:43) Awareness Strategies is offering a digital adoption roadmap for businesses over seven figures
(28:39) You say business is the external way that people self actualize
(30:06) Marketing and automation are the place to start if you want to grow your business
(35:37) The book Conquer the Chaos is about how to grow a successful small business
(39:03) Do you think there’s a difference between when you started your company and today
(40:55) Is there any advice that you would give somebody that’s planning on building a business
(42:49) At what point did you know you could become an entrepreneur
(44:37) Awareness Strategies is offering a custom digital adoption roadmap for businesses

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